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11/19/07 Ė 11/23/07 

Esme:  Letís go to my room and get it on.
Julian:  Weíre in your room.
Esme:  Oh really?  It looks different when itís spinning.

(when Kay wanted to know what was on Tabithaís scoreboard)
Tabitha:  The public schools in this dimension have been going down hill for ages.

Fancy:  This is my father.  The man who took us out for ice cream in the third grade.
Esme:  He was in his prime then.
Julian:  What do you mean then?  Iím in my prime now.

Valerie:  I donít like exams.  They make me nervous.
Eve:  Really?  I would have thought getting naked in front of strangers would make you feel comfortable.

(about Noah and Paloma)
Tabitha:  The two of them really are nauseating.  Iíd be doing the world a favor if I split them up.

(to Kay when she wanted to know why Tabitha didnít tell her about little Ethan being Ethanís son)
Tabitha:  If I blabbed everything I knew, Perez Hilton would be out of a job.




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