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11/12/07 Ė 11/16/07 

(while Rebecca was at the hospital calling Mexico)
Rebecca:  Someoneís pacemaker is interfering with my phone call.  How rude.

(about Gwen and Ethan)
Theresa:  They are working my last nerve.
Tabitha:  Iím not a psychiatrist; Iím a fortuneteller.

(when Rebecca tried to email the white-haired woman)
Rebecca:  I thought technology was supposed to help you, not hurt you.

Gwen:  Since when have you known medical terms?
Rebecca:  I watch nip/tuck.

(to Julian when he wanted Eve to stop drinking)
Eve:  You opened a bottle of scotch when you stubbed your toe.

Rebecca:  What is with this hospital?  You come here and then you get sick?





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