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11/5/07 Ė 11/9/07 

(to Kay about Miguel)
Tabitha:  Heís on the menu at Hotel Hell.

(when Fancy was telling Shuis how Jake died)
Fancy:  Esme doesnít know how it happened.
Sheridan:  Maybe sheís into killer sex.

Julianís picture:  You promised to stop drinking.
Eve:  I have stopped until I find more.

(to Pilar about her secret)
Rebecca:  For someone whoís life is no longer her own, you have a real attitude problem.

Vincent:  My father canít know Iím alive.  Itíll ruin my plan to kill him.

(when Julian saw how messy the DNA lab looked)
Julian:  This room is a mess.  No wonder so many DNA tests are flawed.

Esme:  How am I supposed to live without a hot man by my side?  A heating pad is just not going to do it.





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