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10/29/07 Ė 11/2/07 

(to Fancy)
Esme:  We were playing a game and then Jake was stiff and not in a good way.

(when Fancy was questioning her about what happened to Jake)
Fancy:  Was anyone else here?
Esme:  This is not France.  It was our first date.  I didnít want to come on too strong.

Fancy:  Were you or Jake grabbing the headboard?
Esme:  No, we had more interesting things to grab.

(to Rebecca)
Gwen:  Eve thinks sheís Godís gift to the AMA.

(about Tabitha when Ivy stepped on the bag that Tabitha was in)
Kay:  Oh the blood!  Who knew she even had any?

(to Esme about the killings)
Fancy:  Do Harmony police force a favor?  Sleep alone!

(to Viki)
Esme:  You meet a guy.  You hit it off.  And the next thing you know, he ends up dead.  That could really lower a personís self-esteem.

Kay:  I was set up.
Sam:  Thatís what they all say.

Ivy:  Tabitha, youíre alive.
Tabitha:  Youíve always had a firm grip on the obvious, havenít you Ivy?

(to Kay)
Tabitha:  What kind of a world would this be if bad things happened to bad people?





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