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9/17/07 – 9/21/07 

(to Sheridan when she asked him about Marty)
Spike:  Does that blonde brain of yours forget what happens?

(to Kay about the dark side)
Tabitha:  We’re going to give them the biggest defeat since that madman Mastachio lost World War II.

Pilar:  What kind of a woman would keep a man in the dark about his son?
Gwen:  You should ask Theresa that.

Spike:  If Luis rejected you, I was hoping you would turn to me for comfort.
Sheridan:  I would rather make love to a chainsaw.

Sheridan:  I am not afraid of my father.
Spike:  I guess you lost your common sense as well as your sanity.

(when Sheridan was talking about Luis being with her)
Sheridan:  Spike, it’s going to be wonderful.
Spike: (thinking) Fantasy land always is.

(to Pilar when Ethan wanted them to look at his son’s nose)
Theresa:  That would be Gwen’s nose before her plastic surgeon got a hold of it.

(to herself when Gwen didn’t want little Ethan to see the baby)
Theresa:  Gwen’s stalling more than my first car did.

(when Fancy said Esme was being dramatic when she tried to shoot her)
Sam:  Shooting a lover is about as dramatic as you can get don’t you think?

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