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8/27/07 Ė 8/31/07 

(to Theresa when she needed help with Ethan)
Alistair:  Why all the drama?  Your husband is very much alive.

Theresa:  Youíre dead!
Alistair:  No I feel fine.

(to Kay when she casted a spell)
Tabitha:  Enough of the rhyming, Kay. Itís worse than your magic.

(when Alistair told Theresa that he poisoned the strawberries)
Theresa:  You monster!
Alistair:  Theresa, why donít you expand your vocabulary?

(to Vincent when he was talking about the people on Alistairís list)
Spike: Things?  Alistairís code word for people.

(to Theresa when she and Gwen saw Ethan unconscious)
Rebecca:  Trust you to screw up a perfectly good murder.

(to Theresa and Gwen)
Why Ethan didnít murder you two years ago is beyond me.





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