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6/18/07 Ė 6/22/07 

(when Jessica was unconscious)
Spike:  Hey, no peeking.  I donít want to spoil the surprise.

(to a skeleton when it was laughing)
Tabitha:  Shut up Marvin.  I canít hear myself think.

(to Kay)
Tabitha:  Itís always the same isnít it?  Let Tabitha clean up the mess.

(to Harold)
Blackmailer:  I never knew joy until I learned to hate.

Harold:  You donít want my blood on your hands.
Blackmailer:  Thatís why Iím wearing gloves.

(to Kay)
Tabitha:  Iím running out of juice trying to get you out of trouble every five minutes.

(to Tabitha)
Demon Elf:  Tabitha Lennox.  You havenít changed a bit.  Too bad.

(to Ethan and Theresa after she saw them together again)
Gwen:  Itís like a soap opera, you know.  You miss one episode and 10 years later and nothings changed.






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