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6/11/07 Ė 6/15/07 

Luis:  Have there been any calls for me?
Prison guard:  What am I, your secretary?

(to Luis)
Prison guard:  This is death row.  We donít take personal messages for dead men.

(When Chad said he used to work in a club in West Hollywood)
Ethan:  West Hollywood?  Thatís almost as gay as Providence town, Chad.

(When Fancy didnít want anyone to know what they were doing in Eveís office)
Sheridan:  I better cancel the billboard and the skywriters now.

Chad:  I need you.
Whitney:  Should I get in line behind Vincent and the sluts?

(to Julian about being out with Ivy)
Theresa:  Make sure you bring her back before dawn. You know how vampires are insensitive to light.

Fancy:  Sam would have caught the blackmailer.
Sheridan:  As if Harmonyís finest ever caught anyone.






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