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5/28/07 – 6/1/07 

(to Kay after Tabitha tried to conjure up a spell to get rid of the witches)
Fox:  This place gets weirder and weirder all of the time.

(when Julian wanted Ethan to know that he is little Ethan’s father)
Eve:  He would never be able to trust Theresa again.
Julian:  And that should be a concern for me why?

(when he saw the blackmailer in his car)
Judge Reilly:  What do you want?  If it’s another round of strip poker, you can forget it.

(about the kids that Tabitha put a curse on)
Tabitha: They’ll be stuck at home doing chores or even worse, reading a book.

(about Miguel)
Witch: We may be mean, but we appreciate lean.

(to Chad during their fight over his affair with Vincent)
Whitney:  You’re not bi. You’re not gay. You’re certainly not celibate.






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