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5/14/07 Ė 5/18/07 

(To Miguel)
Nurse:  This is a prison hospital remember?  People canít just come in a visit you.

(To Mrs. Bradley when she was being rude to Amy)
Tabitha:  And people say we witches are cold-hearted.

Mrs. Bradley:  Itís no wonder I go through nannies faster than vodka.

Tabitha:  Did I hear someone scream?
Amy:  It sounded like Mommy when she found Daddy and the nanny playing Twister.

Mrs. Bradley:  Stay away from me you beast!
Gorilla:  Like I havenít heard that one before.

Kay:  Youíre asking me to live a lie.
Julian:  That shouldnít be too difficult considering your track record.






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