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4/23/07 Ė 4/27/07 

Chad:  I scraped bottom when I met you.
Vincent:  Yet you still keep coming back for more.

(to Julian about Kay)
Fox:  Iím her husband, but guess what, youíd never know it.

(to Miguel when he said that he and Luis were innocent)

Warden:  Weíve got a whole prison full of innocent people.

(to Kay when she wanted to tell Fox the truth about Miguel)
Nurse Spencer:  I didnít realize your husbandís life was a bother.

Miguel: I didnít run over Fox.  Iím innocent.
Steve:  I think Iíve heard that before. Oh right, thatís what I told the cops when I was shoving bits of my father in the incinerator.

(to herself about Fancy)
Sheridan:  How many times has Fancy played that scene declaring her undying love for her man of the moment?






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