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9/25/06 - 9/29/06

(To Eve when he tried to justify why he cut the hospital funds)
Julian:  I only tried to patch up a one way love affair.

(To Julian)
Eve:  If you regress any further, youíll need a wet nurse.

Eve:  Theresa had an accident.
Julian:  Theresaís whole life is an accident.

(To Eve)
Julian:  Thereís always an emergency with Theresa.  She lives for drama.

Valerie:  I should send my resume to Donald Trump.  I bet heíd be a pussycat after this place.

Chris:  You canít go around killing people.
Spike:  Itís worked before.

(To Eve)
Julian:  Remind me to have a stroke the next time I feel I am about to lose the woman I love.

(To Fancy)
Paloma:  I like the truth even though itís a rare commodity in this town.

Julian:  I put you on a pedestal.
Eve:  Like you put Valerie on your desk and had your way with her?

(To Paloma)
Simone:  If I wasnít already a lesbian, the thought of having sex with Spike would make me gay.

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