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Michele and Cheryl's Lines of the Week

9/11/06 - 9/15/06

(To Ethan when she reminded him how he told her to move on)
Theresa:  You’re nosying around me like a dog looking for its bone.

(To Chris when she was talking about having babies with Luis)
Fancy:  If my friend Esme knew what I was doing, she’d come running with a martini in one hand and a psychiatrist in another.

(About Fox)
Kay:  He treats me like a prince.
Miguel:  Princesses belong in fairy tales, Kay.

Miguel:  Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Siren (to herself):  I’m part fish, not horse.

(To Siren when she was singing the Siren song)
Miguel:  If I were you, I wouldn’t audition for America’s Got Talent when it comes to Harmony.

(To Paloma)
Luis:  Rules are rules.  You can’t just pick the ones you want to obey.

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