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8/7/06 - 8/11/06

(when Ethan and Chad were talking about what Ethan is doing to Theresa)

Ethan:  I've been clear with Theresa.

Chad:  Clear?  By saying I love you, but I'm not going to leave my wife for you?

(to Ethan about his feelings for Theresa)

Chad:  Maybe you shouldn't tell her I love you even if you mean it.

(to Endora when Siren said that she was different to Miguel)

Tabitha:  Can you pronounce the word understatement?

(to Kay when she said Siren couldn't sleep with Fox)

Tabitha:  Can't is not a word in the mermaid's lexicon.

(when Pilar was telling Theresa to go after Ethan)

Pilar:  I know that sounds harsh.

Theresa:  Harsh?  It's like aliens have invaded your body.

(to Kay when she said she put Siren by the garbage)

Tabitha:  The garbage man won't take her.  There's some sort of law against dumping bodies in landfills.

(to Theresa about Valerie)

Whitney:  The next time I bring breakfast for the two of us, I'll make sure to bring some cat food for Valerie.

(about Mrs. Crane)

Jared:  She obviously didn't marry Alistair because liver spots were sexy.

(when Valerie wanted to hire Jared because he is good looking)

Theresa:  I can't hire a guy based on his looks.  Come on, Valerie.  This isn't an NBC soap.  I don't even care if the guy looks like Jesse Metcalfe.

(to the police trainees)

Luis:  This is a police station, not the set for the Naked Gun movies.

Fancy:  Do you really think I'm that shallow?

Luis:  Don't make me answer that.

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