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Michele and Cheryl's Lines of the Week

7/24/06 - 7/28/06

(to Fancy when she was defending Beth about taking good care of Marty)

Luis:  How does a kidnapping murderess take care of my son?

(to Whitney when she kept saying how hot Jared is)

Theresa:  What is it with you and the word hot?  You got over the nun in training thing fast.

(to herself about Siren)

Nancy (tourist):  She weighs a ton.

Siren:  I happen to be the right weight for my height and body mass.

(to Julian)

 Rebecca:  Why are all the young, gorgeous men in Harmony so young?

Rebecca:  How many drinks have you had, Pookie?

Julian:  Let me see.  How many Rebecca's do I see?  One too many Rebeccas and not enough scotch.

(when Jared knocked Theresa down after he caught the ball)

Jared:  Hey, Tess.  Fancy meeting you her.

Theresa:  What do I look like, home plate?

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