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5/22/06 - 5/26/06

Alfredo:  Is that the most beautiful body you've ever shot?

Alexi:   You talking about her or him?

Alfredo:  Do you have to ask?

Beth (to herself):  This is just great.  I finally find someone in this godforsaken city to talk to and she ends up being a Crane. Sheridan's niece no less.  I should have known.  She's blonde, beautiful, way too nice to be real.  Just like her aunt.

Alexi:  Have you ever seen anyone move like that?

Alfredo:  Once, but I accidentally erased the tape.

(to Miguel)

Siren:  Don't go.

Kay:  He's just going to the bar, not China.

Kay:  Whatever you're doing, it's not going to work.

Siren:  What do you mean?

Kay:  Acting like a slut, that's what I mean.  Desperate is for housewives, not for weird girls who just pop up out of the blue and latch on to the first guy they see, okay?

Theresa:  You know what, the package deal would actually be you and me and little Ethan and Jane, and that's what God wants.

Ethan:  Don't bring God into this.  You always rely on him when you want to justify your selfishness.

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