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4/10/06 - 4/14/06

(When Eve interrupted Sheridan when she was trying to tell Luis the truth)

Sheridan:  There's one more interruption.

Chris:  How many does that make?

(When Paloma and Simone were talking about Alistair putting the symbol at the convent)

Paloma:  How can Alistair manage to do something like this?  Wouldn't he melt in the convent?

(To Theresa)

Gwen:  If I thought that Ethan was in love with you, I would kick him out in a minute for having such poor taste in women.

(To Theresa)

Gwen:  Ethan may be too much of a gentleman to hit you, but I'm not.

(To Theresa)

Gwen:  You ignore your son because even your son isn't enough to detract you from your plan to get Ethan.

(When Gwen fell in the garage)

Theresa:  I'd give you a hand, but you know, I don't want to.

(When Ethan asked if Theresa pushed Gwen in the oil)

Ethan:  Did you do this?

Theresa:  Give your wife credit.  She did that all by herself.

(About Theresa)

Ethan:  I am very angry at Theresa.

Gwen:  So you gave her a tongue lashing with your tongue down her throat.

(To Sheridan)

Luis:  It's becoming a habit for you, isn't it?  Marrying men when I'm supposed to be the love of your life?



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