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Michele and Cheryl's Lines of the Week

2/13/06 - 2/17/06

(To Alistair)

Liz:  Where are your guards at now Alistair?  No one cares enough to post them for you even though someone tried to kill you?

(When Sheridan explained why she couldn't answer Chris's proposal)

Sheridan:  The question terrified me.

Chris:  Try asking it.

(When Ethan said he has to stay with Gwen)

Theresa:  That's not how you talk about a marriage.  That's how you talk about a prison sentence. (She was right.  That's exactly what he was doing.)

(When Liz threw a drink in Alistair's face)

Alistair:  That's a damn good year.

(When Tabitha was saying why she cares about Kay)

Tabitha:  She's like a daughter to me.  Well, bad seed sort of daughter.

(About Alistair)

Ivy:  It's a shame.  All these people trying to save a worthless life.

(To Kay when she thought the astrologist was right about her marrying Fox)

Tabitha:  I suppose amnesia runs in your family because you keep forgetting what I told you.

Ethan:  You cannot hold me to my contract just to hold on to me.

Theresa:  Aren't you just full of yourself, Mr. Ethan Winthrop?

(About Fox)

Kay:  He really is the perfect man.

Tabitha:  I suppose, if you like mortals.



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