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9/19/05 9/23/05

(When Kay and Fox were kissing in Fox's office)

Kay: This is a place of business and I don't mean monkey business.

(To Theresa)

Gwen: Just look at your arm. It's not the new look for fall. It only proves that you're a lunatic.

(When Rebecca complained about Julian's divorce settlement)

Rebecca: There's not even an allowance for the thongs for my pool boy.

(About Theresa)

Gwen: It's like living with cockroaches. No matter what you do, they always come back.

Rebecca: Eve is the killer. She can't be the victim too.

(About Theresa)

Martin: Pilar, open this door. I'm gonna take this little brat home. (Go Martin!)

(When Gwen asked Rebecca why Julian tried to killer)

Gwen: You must have done something to provoke him.

Julian: She's breathing isn't she? Isn't that enough?

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