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Michele and Cheryl's Lines of the Week

6/20/05 - 6/24/05

(to Fancy)

Ivy: We wouldn't think of leaving a baby of any species alone with you.

(When Fancy and Katherine met for the first time)

Fancy: I'm glad you're not dead.

Katherine: Oh well that makes two of us.

Sam: Edna was quite a dish back in the day.

Julian: Well apparently she's past her expiration date by now.

(about Edna when she found out that Beth is Alistair's daughter)

Rebecca: Alistair rode that old jalopy.

Sheridan: You know, I don't care about Alistair and Beth. They could go grab Edna and be the perfect family from Hell.

Alistair: Grab Edna? She's nothing but bone and dust with a diaper.

(When Sam and Ethan pulled Luis off of Alistair)

Rebecca: Don't you wish their shirts were off? Then we could see all their muscles rippling.

(about Beth)

Tabitha: That girl would be right at home with my old pals in the basement.

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