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Michele and Cheryl's Lines of the Week

1/31 - 2/4/05

Pilar (to Katherine):  I feel sorry for Sheridan.  Having you as a mother is torture enough.

Rebecca (to the guard):  Some guard you are.  You lost my poor, demented daughter.

Rebecca (to the guard):  It's a good thing you fill out that uniform so nicely or else you would be in big trouble, mister.

Theresa:  If you kill me, you'll never get out of jail.  You'll get the death penalty.  Is that what you want?

Gwen:  It's funny you should mention that because you're getting the death penalty too.

Pilar (to Katherine about Paloma):  You are her godmother, why am I surprised that she was acting like a tramp?  She obviously picked it up from you.

Whitney (to Eve):  You are accused of 3 attempted murders and I'm pregnant with my half-brother's baby.  I guess things are preachy.

Nurse (to Theresa when she asked about the baby):  This is the hospital nursery, not lost and found.

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