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Luis (to Martin for saving Katherine):  Who named you her personal savior?  He said it!

TC (to Eve):  It won't be Camp Cupcake with Martha Stewart.  You're going to a real jail.

Edna (to Beth): This is the world's smallest CD playing my heart cries for you.

 Alistair:  It will take more than a few drops of poison to keep me down.

Luis (to Sheridan):  You've cried enough to float a boat.

Sheridan (to Luis):  Try a battleship.

Rebecca (to Gwen):  We're Cranes.  We don't do bus stations.

Rebecca (to God):  Why didn't you force me to buy off a rack for a season? (When she wanted the punishment to fit the crime.)

Theresa (about Gwen):  She could still walk to her electric shock treatments.

Rebecca:  I'm trying to confess to attempted murder and there's no one around to hear it.

Julian (to his lawyer):  I'm paying you to represent the woman I love, not my wife.

Gwen:  One Rebecca is all Harmony can handle.

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