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11/22 - 11/26/04

Rebecca:  Men are such suckers for the swoon. (Theresa was in pain and Rebecca didn't believe her.)

Rebecca:  Gwen when I was pregnant with you, I used to pretend to cramp in order to get some bling.

Alistair (to Martin):  Haven't you learned by now that I can do whatever I want?

Beth:  I was disappointed when I got a C in Home Ec. (To Sheridan when she said she was disappointed in the situation.)

Rebecca (to Theresa when she repeated what Ethan said): Polly want a cracker.

Rebecca (to Theresa):  And the Emmy for best actress goes to...

Rebecca (when Theresa was grunting):  Olympic wrestlers don't grunt this much.

Alistair (to Katherine):  Even with all the plastic surgery, you can't hide your horns.

Tabitha (to Endora):  Get rid of these turkeys at once.  The turkeys we want to see are in the living room.

Rebecca (to Gwen about Theresa):  She could teach Meryl Streep a few things about acting.

Rebecca (to herself):  Poor, gullible Gwen.

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