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10/25 - 10/29/04

Tabitha: What's wrong with ogres?  Some of my best friends are ogres.

Tabitha:  Of course Alistair always wins.  He's evil personified.  He isn't a witch exactly, but he's definitely one of us.

Alistair (To Luis):  Some Cuban rolled my cigar, but I don't have to consult with his son before I smoke it.

Alistair:  No wonder you were released from the police force Luis. You don't have the instincts of a cop.

Gwen (in reference to why Theresa changed her mind about the procedure):  No what, who.

Rebecca:  Don't confuse me with grammar.

Rebecca:  Love hurts, especially when the cuffs are too tight. 

Rebecca:  We really ought to come up with a group rate for you guys because I'm kinda losing track of how many of you are squatting there these days.

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