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10/11 - 10/15/04

Rebecca: There's something fishy and it's not the anchovies. (Gwen told Rebecca that Theresa wanted Hawaiian pizza with double anchovies.)

Rebecca (to Gwen): Stop wrinkling your brow, I'm far too young to have a daughter who needs Botox.

Tabitha (about the guys around Paloma): the crowds around me were much bigger.

Ethan: You look like you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

Rebecca: No cookies for me it's not on my Atkins diet.

Rebecca: I wouldn't know a legal document from a shopping list. (Ethan was showing Gwen and Rebecca the legal documents for Theresa.)

Beth:  I'm Martin's mother.

Edna: Yeah, and I'm Britney Spears. Oh baby, baby.

Luis (to Precious): May we swing from the trees forever

Fox (to Julian): You'd have more credibility if you didn't use this place (the mansion) as your personal brothel.

Fox (to Julian after he punched him): If you weren't my father or something that resembles a father, I'd kill you.

Julian:  You're no son of mine.

Fox:  Given this family's history, I wouldn't be surprised if you're right.

Alistair (to Sam about Katherine making bail): Even Martha Stewart got jail time.

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