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7/7/08 7/11/08

Esme:  We're all supposed to drink 8 glasses of liquor a day.
Tabitha:  That rule applies to mortals, not witches.  And the rule is 8 glasses of water not alcohol.

(to Vincent)
Viki:  I don't know about you, but waiting for people to dine then die is killing me.

Esme:  How could Viki kill anyone, let alone my sister?
Tabitha:  She's not well.
Esme:  Well neither and I, but you don't see me killing anyone.

(to Tabitha)
Esme:  I can't let Viki and Vincent get away with killing people.  No one will ever come to my dinner parties again.

(to Tabitha about her and Edna)
Norma:  We are not supernatural beings.
Edna;  Except in the sack.

Esme:  Leave your mother alone!  It's not her fault that you're a homicidal freak!
Vincent:  Talk like that will make you next.

Tabitha:  It's rude to eavesdrop Endora unless it's for gossip gather or blackmail.

Norma:  Eddie wait.
Edna:  My bladder won't so why should I?

Tabitha:  Everyone dies sooner or later.  I've done it a few times myself.




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