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6/23/08 6/28/08

(to Gwen about Theresa not wanting Ethan to remarry)
Rebecca:  How selfish is that?  Hasn't she learned to share?

Tabitha:  Not even you can stop the evil from coming to Harmony.
Endora:  I'm Endora Lenox!  I can do anything.

(to Tabitha when the stuffed animals were flying around in the attic)
Esme:  How do you do it?  Are you on the same medication as I am?

(to Tabitha when she saw things flying around)
Esme:  What does a normal person think of when they see a flying broomstick?

(to Tabitha)
Esme:  Would you remind me why Endora's missing again? I forgot to take my memory pills again.

(to Tabitha when she said how old she is)
Esme:  Did you say 400 years?  You must have had more work done than al the housewives in Orange County.

(to Esme)
Tabitha:  To say Rebecca is clueless is an insult to clueless people everywhere.

(about Endora)
Tabitha:  Did you hear her?
Esme:  No.  It's just one of the voices in my head reminding me about an appointment I have tomorrow.





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