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5/19/08 5/23/08

Sheridan:  Congratulations on coming back from the dead.  Not too many people can pull that off.
Vincent:  I hear that happens a lot in this family.

Sheridan:  You don't want to murder me.
Vincent:  Why not?  I've murdered plenty of people before you.

Alistair:  You can't kill me, Eve.  Everyone in Harmony has tried to kill me once and I am still here.

(to Eve)
Alistair:  No need to kill me in my bed, doctor.  All I have to do is sign up as one of your patients and I'll be dead by the morning with your track record.

Sheridan:  Don't do this!  You don't want anymore blood on your hands.
Vincent:  That's the good thing about guns.  You don't get all messy.

(when Kay thought her life was too close to perfect for disaster to strike Harmony)
Tabitha:  You're selfless concern for the citizens of Harmony is duly noted.

(while they were at the hospital after the earthquake)
Sam:  Tabitha, Kay what are you doing here?
Tabitha:  Well at the moment trying not to get killed.

(to Sam when he wanted to arrest Eve)
Julian:  Your expertise have solved how many crimes here?


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