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3/24/08 Ė 3/28/08 

Rebecca (to Gwen when she didnít know what to do with Rebeccaís bag of tricks):  Why did I waste all of my money sending you to boarding school when they didnít teach you anything?

Rebecca (to Gwen about her pornos being on the Internet):  You know what bugs me about that is the fact that anyone could download these for free.  I mean I donít get a penny out of it.  Thatís criminal!

Pretty (to Fancy when she called her a cowering dog): This long-winded apology is getting meaner and meaner.

Rebecca (when Gwen came out dressed in lingerie):  Leave it to my daughter to buy lingerie that a nun would wear.

Pretty (to Sheridan):  The subtle approach only works if weíre all ladies, and there are no ladies in the Crane family.

Gwen (to herself):  As if the Theresa show wasnít bad enough, now Iím stuck with the reruns.

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