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1/7/08 Ė 1/11/08

Ethan (to Ivy asked him to drink champagne to celebrate the New Year):  Call me weird, but I really donít feel like celebrating the New Year after being cheated on by the woman Iím supposed to be marrying.

Tabitha (to Miguel when he was telling her about how wrong it is to use magic): People do enough mean things to each other without magic.

Tabitha (to herself):  Normal, with Norma and Edna coming in and out, that remains to be seen.

Esme (to Viki about the killer of her dates getting caught):  Chief Bennett has to solve a crime eventually.

Sam:  It irritates me when killers roam free in Harmony.

Alistair:  Then you must be irritated all of the time.

Esme (to Ethan about her mother):  Esme clean your room.  Stop shooting at the policeman. Untie the gardener.

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