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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

12/17/07 – 12/21/07


Ethan and Gwen were in the waiting room with Theresa and Pilar, but they were gone.

Theresa wasn’t wearing lipstick or lip gloss last week, but she was wearing something on her lips in this episode.

Theresa’s tears kept appearing and disappearing while she was talking to Pilar.


Vincent never left Eve’s room when Julian showed up, but he went back in the room dressed as Valerie.

Speaking of Vincent, he didn’t have his Valerie disguise with him, but he was wearing it.

Luis was sitting up when Sheridan and Fancy saw him kissing Pretty, but he was laying down the next time they were shown.

Eve’s arms were stretched out when Julian first saw her again, but they were by her sides when Valerie showed up.

Vincent’s orderly uniform was under Eve’s bed throughout the episode, but after Eve’s fantasy, it was in front of the bed.


Pretty was on the floor when Luis and Sheridan heard Marty’s voice on Tuesday, but she was standing up in this one.

Pretty said that she twisted her ankle, but she didn’t have any trouble standing up.

Fancy had her pocketbook on her arm, but it ended up on the bench at the wharf while she was talking to Noah.

Pretty was shot and she could barely move, but she had no problem walking around in the warehouse while she was talking to Sheridan.


The wharf wasn’t decorated when Noah and Fancy were there on Wednesday’s episode, but it was decorated again.

Gwen didn’t have tears when she told Ethan that Theresa was attacking her, but she ended up crying.

Theresa’s mascara was starting to run when Ethan was yelling at her, but it was gone when he walked away from her.

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