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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

10/15/07 – 10/19/07


The nurse couldn’t tell that Eve was hung over.

Since Eve started drinking the night before she shouldn’t have had it at her office.

Luis gave Spike his file on Thursday, but it was on the ground in this episode.

Theresa’s tears were appearing and disappearing during her scenes with Pilar.

The pictures Eve had on her desk of Whitney, Simone, and Theresa were gone.


Vincent shouldn’t look so much like a woman when he only had a face mask.

Kay said that Paloma was watching Maria, but she didn’t have her when she and Noah were at the Book Café.

It’s nighttime in Harmony now, but it was daytime in Monday’s episode.  The people who were in Monday’s episode were still having the same conversations.

All Vincent did was take off the Valerie mask and wig, but the makeup he was wearing was gone.

Vincent didn’t have a buttoned down shirt with him, but he was wearing one.


Since Tabitha is a witch, there was no need for her to have a mirror in her attic.

No one told Paloma about what happened to Ethan, but she knew about it.

There was no book on the floor when Jake thought he shot Esme.  A book falling on the floor does not sound like a gunshot.


Since Julian was with Eve, little Ethan shouldn’t have had time to ask him about the sports competition.

Sheridan was in the hall at the hotel with a sheet wrapped around her while holding her clothes.  It’s hard to believe that she got dressed while she was in the hallway.





 Michele and Cheryl

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