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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

10/8/07 Ė 10/12/07


Vincent didnít have enough time to get dressed as Valerie.  On Thursday, he was dressed as himself so he didnít have enough time to change.

Foxís casket wasnít in the mansion before, but itís in the living room now.

The picture of TC that was on Eveís mantle was gone.  She had two pictures up, but she only had one.

During Vincentís flashbacks, Eveís pictures were switched.

Vincent didnít have enough time to put a face mask on because Julian opened the drape as soon as he heard Vincent making noises at Eveís house.

Vincent wasnít wearing anything to keep his hair down, but his wig fit him without any problem.

It was obvious that Fancy didnít really slap Luis.  Her hand didnít come near his face.


The bag that Kay put Tabitha in was on the counter top last week, but it was on the table in this episode. 

The person that Kay hit in her fantasies was obviously Ivy. Ivyís stunt double had darker hair than hers.

The light in the refrigerator at the mansion was a different color.  When Alistair went in it last week, the light in the refrigerator was blue.


Kay didnít use her magic to get Tabitha out of the bag.

The writers are rewriting Pilarís actions toward Theresa and Ethan. Pilar never really fought that hard to keep Theresa from Ethan.  She chose to enable Theresaís actions more times than not.

Gwen had a glass in her hand while she was talking to Pilar, but it was gone within the same scene.

In this episode, the refrigerator at the mansion didnít have a light on anymore.


Theresaís tears kept appearing and disappearing.

Gwen said Theresa was ďcoming over here to talk to PilarĒ, but she was already in the mansion.

Prettyís scar looked like it was almost gone.





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