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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

9/17/07 Ė 9/21/07


The position of the gun shown in Foxís room was different from on the seventh.

Esme was faced in the position of the killer (at Foxís door) but she didnít see who it was.

Fox was shot, but there was no bullet hole.  He only had blood on his chest.

Fancy had blood on her nose before she fainted, but once she fell, the blood was gone.

Fancy had a severe nose bleed, but she didnít get any blood on her clothes.


Esme didnít have any luggage, but she had a change of clothes.

Ethan had a heart monitor as well as other monitors on his chest, but they were gone.

Who put Fox in the body bag if the police never showed up at the mansion?


Simone was supposed to be in New Orleans with Whitney, but Eve said she was with TC and his family.  Itís still the same night that Whitney decided to leave Harmony.

Sheridan didnít have footage of Marty on her computer before, but she had it on her computer the next time it was shown.

Vincent placed the pills close to the glass and the booze on the television, but after the commercial break, the pills were farther away.

Vincent was talking to Eve in her house, but she didnít hear him talking to her from the house.


In Wednesdayís episode, Theresa was beside little Ethan when she was telling Ethan ďthe truthĒ, but she was behind him in this one.  Also Theresa raced through the lines when she said them in this episode.

Sheridan didnít touch the laptop, but the footage of Marty was gone when Alistair looked at it. 

Ethanís heart machine was working, but he wasnít hooked up to it anymore.





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