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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

8/27/07 Ė 8/31/07


Theresa had her cell phone with her, but she didnít use it to help Ethan.

Kay made Tabithaís kitchen get really windy, but nothing was out of place.

Ethan was supposed to be dead, but his stomach was going up and down.


Rebecca had a magazine with her that she didnít have earlier.

It was obvious that Alistair wasnít choking Theresa.

You could tell that Alistair and Chad werenít really fighting.  It was obvious that they were stunt doubles.

No one knew where Ethan and Theresa were, but Chad and Whitney knew where to find them.

The light in the living room at the mansion was on when Esme told Fox about what happened to her sister and brother-in-law.  It was darker in the living room the next time they were shown.

When Alistair busted through the door, it was obvious that a stunt double was used.


Chad was supposed to be dead, but he had a pulse.

The font of the letters on the book Basil gave Kay was different.

The gun Spike had didnít have any bullets in it.


Theresa left her hotel room as soon as the EMTs took Ethan, but she was dressed when she got to the hospital.

The scenery at the cliff looked so fake.

What made Sheridan think that she could lift Spike and Vincent up at the same time?

Spike and Vincent didnít fall that far over the cliff that they couldnít have climbed back up.

When Julian climbed back up on the cliff, it was obvious that a stunt double was used.


The cuts that were on Sheridanís face were different.

Fox seems to know a lot about Fancyís life considering they donít speak to each other.

Once again Ethan was in the hospital without wearing a gown.  Patients usually wear hospital gowns while they are in the hospital.



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