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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

8/20/07 Ė 8/24/07


Eve, Julian, and the doctor werenít that far from Vincentís cell, but none of them saw Alistair there.

Itís hard to believe that Rebecca had a lock pick set in her pocketbook, but she didnít have her phone.  If she did have it, then she could have called Ethan to let him know she and Gwen were locked in the bathroom.

At the start of the episode, Esme was acting like she was drunk, but she wasnít acting like it anymore.


The cut on Prettyís face keeps changing.

Whitney said she had champagne, but she was empty handed when she showed up for the wedding.

Pretty and Fancy changed their clothes.  Fancy was hiding outside for a lot of the episode, but she managed to change her clothes.

The cut that was on Prettyís head was gone.


Sheridan had her hand on Vincentís hand while he had a knife to her throat.  She could have tried to get away.

Sheridan had blood on her neck from Vincentís knife, but there were no cuts on her neck.

Vincent sliced Sheridanís neck, but there was no cut on it.


The screams that Tabitha and Endora heard didnít change.  They kept sounding the same.

Endora had stains on her face, but they were gone within the next scene.

Norma said that the wax hurt her back, but she was laying on it.


Gwen and Rebeccaís scene was different in this episode.  Gwen and Rebecca high fived each other when they were talking about Theresa going to jail.  They didnít do that in this episode.

Alistair twisted Gwenís arm on Thursday, but she didnít have a bruise.




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