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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

8/13/07 – 8/17/07


Sheridan and Pretty were wearing green and pink respectively when they were going up to find Luis on Friday.  In this episode, Sheridan was wearing red and Pretty was wearing white.

The other people in Harmony that were up also changed their clothes.

Kay froze everybody at the Bennett house, but they were moving.

Spike was cleaning the chimney and dirt flew out of it, but he wasn’t that dirty afterwards.


Spike was frozen, but he was moving.

On Monday, Sheridan spoke to whoever was at her cottage while he/she was at the door.  In this episode, the person was in the cottage when she spoke to him/her.

Sheridan was crying, but her tears were gone within the same scene.

When Fancy and Pretty were fighting, you could tell that stunt doubles were used.


On Tuesday, Spike was near the door wearing handcuffs.  Norma also gave him a karate chop.  In this episode, Spike was in the living room and Paloma put the cuffs on him.

When Luis took Pretty out of the water and laid her down, it looked like she didn’t have the scar on her face.

Luis’s shirt was wet when he jumped in the pool, but it was dry.

Luis was wearing shorts in the episode, but he ended up wearing jeans.


Luis said he heard Sheridan agree to help Spike.  That’s impossible when spike was trying to convince her to help him.

Endora zapped Tabitha, Edna, Norma, and herself back home, but Noah and Paloma weren’t with them.


The cut on Pretty’s forehead looked different.

Pretty’s hair was dry, but she was in the water not too long ago.





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