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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

4/24/06 - 4/28/06


Nitpick:  1 Minute
Why would Luis make Sheridan think that he found Marty when he didn't?

Continuity Error:  Throughout the episode
There were times throughout the episode when Luis was talking without gasping for breath.

Nitpick:  17 Minutes
Why does Sheridan consider herself Mrs. Christopher Boothe when that's not his real name?

Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
Why didn't Sheridan want Luis to go after Marty?  If she had her way, Marty would be gone forever.


Nitpick:  1 Minute
Why did the writers give Whitney a wig and contacts if they wanted her to look different?

Continuity error:  Fox/Kay scenes
When Kay and Fox got in the bed in Monday's episode, Fox was getting in on the right and Kay was on the left.  In this episode, they switched sides.

Nitpick: 10 Minutes
Eve said that Sheridan gets premonitions.  When did she start having those.

Nitpick:  28 Minutes
Eve's plate was too clean to have had food on it.

Nitpick:  About 30 - 40 Minutes
Why would Whitney scream when the monk didn't do anything to her?


Nitpick:  1 Minute
How did Chris know he could find Sheridan at the library?

Nitpick:  Throughout Chris's scenes
Where was James?  He was with him last, but when he was at the mansion, he was nowhere to be found.

Nitpick:  25 Minutes
Why would Ethan tell Sheridan to be with the one she loves if he didn't do it?


Nitpick:  2 Minutes
How did Tabitha know what Endora was saying when she had her back to her?

Nitpick:  Throughout Jessica's scenes
Why does Jessica keep going back to Spike if she's not going to do what he says?

Nitpick:  42 Minutes
Why didn't Whitney know who Noah was when her family knows him?


Nitpick:  Throughout Noah/Fancy's scenes
Noah and Fancy were dry when they were supposed to be wet.

Nitpick:  Throughout Maya and Lena's scenes
Why would Maya tell Lena the truth if she supposed to help the FBI?

Nitpick:  Throughout Tabitha and Endora's scenes
Why would Tabitha want Miguel and Kay together if the dark side doesn't want couples together?


Michele and Cheryl

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