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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

4/3/06 - 4/7/06


Nitpick:  Throughout the scenes at the cottage
Why would Sheridan invite Ethan and Gwen to the cottage when Theresa was there?

Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
How did Rachel know to find Katherine near the cottage?

Nitpick:  27 Minutes
Is Father Lonigan the only priest in Harmony?  Since he was beat up, another priest could have married Luis and Sheridan.

Plot Hole:  Throughout the episode
How did Sheridan hear about the renewal ceremony when she didn't talk to anyone in Harmony while she was gone?


Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
Why couldn't Theresa find Palma when she was at the Book Cafe?

Continuity Error:  10 Minutes
At the beginning of the episode, Chris and Sheridan were in the hallway, but by their next scene they were in the living room of the cottage.

Continuity Error:  Throughout Jessica's scenes
Jessica's lipstick kept changing.

Nitpick:  Throughout Jessica's scenes
If Jessica wasn't turning tricks, what has she been doing all the time that she's been gone?

Nitpick:  20 Minutes
Why was Chad touching Whitney's back when she should still have the slashes on it?

Continuity Error:  Throughout the episode
Jessica didn't have the tattoo of Spike's name on her anymore.


Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
Why couldn't Julian play T Ball with little Ethan?  He's his son.

Nitpick:  Throughout Ethan/Gwen/Rebecca's scenes
How come Rebecca always knows where to find Gwen at the B n B?

Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
How is Theresa supposed to prove that Gwen and Rebecca sent the info to the tabloids when the email came from her computer?

Continuity Error:  Throughout Fancy's scenes
The cuts on Fancy's face were gone.


Nitpick:  1 Minute
Why didn't Ethan go to Jerry first when he couldn't find a job?

Plot Hole:  Throughout the episode
Lena knew that Noah and May talked to the FBI agents, but she didn't know that they are working with them.

Nitpick:  Throughout Miguel/Pilar's scenes
Why would Pilar tell Miguel to go after Kay after what happened with Martin?

Continuity Error:  46 Minutes
Sheridan changed her clothes from what she was wearing earlier in the episode.


Nitpick:  1 Minute
Why didn't Pilar tell Miguel to use the ear thermometer before she left Tabitha's house?

Nitpick:  9 Minutes
Chris said that Pilar and Martin were the ones watching James, but he ended up with Mrs. Henderson.

Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
If Mrs. Henderson was with James, who has Jane?  She wasn't with her.

Michele and Cheryl

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