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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

3/6/06 - 3/10/06


Continuity error:  Throughout the episode
It was daytime on Friday, but it was nighttime in this episode.

Continuity error:  Throughout the episode
Chris's bruises were different.

Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
Why wasn't Simone invited to Pilar and Martin's ceremony?

Nitpick:  21 Minutes
Since Sheridan never raised Marty, why was she in a picture with him?

Nitpick:  About 40 Minutes
Why didn't Otto's henchman shoot Chris and Sheridan when he saw them trying to break the secret door down?


Nitpick:  First Minute
Why were Kay and Tabitha wearing shoes in the snow?

Continuity error:  First Minute
Ivy had more feathers on her clothes than she did last week, but she and Fox were still having the same conversation.

Continuity error:  3 Minutes
Ivy's hair was styled differently from last week.

Nitpick:  14 Minutes
How did Chris trip over the body when he wasn't near it?

Continuity error:  18 Minutes
The feathers were off of Ivy's clothes and her hair was different.


Nitpick:  First Minute
Why didn't Katherine visit Fancy while she was at the hospital?

Continuity error:  10 Minutes
In Tuesday's episode, Pilar didn't talk to herself before she went to Martin's room, but she did do it in this episode.

Nitpick:  Throughout Chris and Sheridan's scenes
Why would the bomb that Otto set off keep saying warning?  Why would it give Sheridan and Chris a chance to leave the house?

Continuity error:  56 Minutes
The blood on Chris's head looked completely different.


Nitpick:  2 Minutes
How did Ivy know that Fox was at the nursery?

Nitpick:  4 Minutes
Why didn't Chris know who Luis was when he went to his funeral and he should have seen his photo.

Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
Where did Miguel get his suit?  No one knew he was going to the ceremony so how did they know to have a suit ready.

Nitpick:  About 15 Minutes
How is Martin Paloma's father when Miguel said he was Maria's age when he saw him last?


Nitpick:  4 Minutes
How come the visiting hours at the hospital that Luis is at are the same as the ones in Harmony?

Continuity error:  Throughout Sheridan's scenes
Sheridan's face was dirtier than it was before.

Nitpick:  9 Minutes
Why didn't Martin notice how the door to the room he was in was open?

Nitpick:  33 Minutes
Why was Sheridan suddenly thinking of Luis?  She didn't think of him when she first saw him, but she thought of him at the hospital?

Michele and Cheryl

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