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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

2/27/06 - 3/3/06


Continuity error:  Throughout the episode
Sheridan's hair managed to grow and it's only the next day.

Nitpick:  Four Minutes
If Sheridan thought that Chris didn't know her very well, why did she marry him?

Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
Pilar didn't take any clothes to the mansion so where did she get her clothes?

Nitpick:  19 Minutes
Why was Katherine's picture in the living room of the mansion?  Alistair's hates Katherine so why would he have the picture of her?

Nitpick:  20 Minutes
Who changes Alistair's pajamas?  He didn't have any luggage with him.

Nitpick:  28 Minutes
How did Theresa know that she could see into Collier's office?

Nitpick:  About 30 Minutes
How did Jane throw up on Gwen when she had her pacifier in her mouth?


Nitpick:  1 Minute
When did Fancy get a patch on her eye?

Nitpick:  3 Minutes
How come Gwen already had a name plate on her desk when she just got her job?

Nitpick:  16 Minutes
If Maria missed her mommy, why did she cry when she took her from Tabitha?

Stunt double/doll visible:  31 Minutes
When Chris threw Sheridan on to the ground, you could tell that it wasn't her.

Nitpick:  39 Minutes
How come there were subtitles used when Valerie was talking to the guy in Mexico, but they are never any used when Pilar is talking in Spanish?

Continuity error:  Throughout the episode
Gwen's suit didn't have Jane's vomit on it anymore.  Her suit looked clean.


Nitpick:  First Minute
If Fluffy managed to rip Fox's shirt, how come he didn't have any scratches on his back?

Stunt double visible:  14 Minutes
Stunt doubles were obviously used during Chris and Otto's fight.

Nitpick:  About 20 Minutes
Why didn't Valerie hear Miguel in the background when she was talking to the guy from Mexico?


Continuity error:  First Minute
Kay's hair was styled differently.

Nitpick:  4 Minutes
How did Miguel manage to take a picture with Maria when he was gone for years.

Continuity error:  Throughout the episode
The blood on Sheridan's hair was darker than it was before.

Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
Why did Gwen want to wear the outfit that Jane spit up on at the wedding.

Nitpick:  27 Minutes
While Gwen was home, why didn't she change her outfit?

Nitpick:  34 Minutes
How did Rachel know that Whitney is at a convent?  She doesn't even know her.


Continuity error:  Throughout the episode
Fancy's bruises changed again.

Stunt Double visible:  11 Minutes
The stunt double was visible when Chris went through the window.

Nitpick:  15 Minutes
Chris dove through a window, but he only had a few cuts on his face.

Continuity error:  26 Minutes
Ivy didn't have feathers on her clothes when she was hanging off the ledge, but she had them on her when Valerie pulled her into the window.

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