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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

2/13/06 - 2/17/06


Continuity Error:  2 Minutes
Noah, Maya, and Fancy's bruises were different.

Continuity Error:  4 Minutes
Chris's bruises were different again.

Nitpick:  First Few Minutes
Since Ivy was talking to Valerie on Friday, when did she call Julian?

Nitpick:  Throughout Theresa/Ethan's scenes
The view outside of the window at Crane Industries looked so fake.

Nitpick:  30 Minutes
How come it was suddenly Valentine's Day?  It has been the same day for a while, but no one mentioned it before.

Continuity Error:  52 Minutes
It was daytime at the beginning of the episode, but it was night time at the end of it.

Nitpick:  56 Minutes
How did Liz know which plug to pull when she unplugged Alistair's machines?  There were two plugs.


Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
If Theresa wanted Ethan to know the truth about the tabloid, why is she settling with being his mistress?

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Why didn't anyone see Liz go into Alistair's room?

Editing:  10 Minutes
Ethan looked like he had on lipstick and Theresa's was off her mouth.  That happened before they kissed each other.  It was obvious that scene happened more than once.

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Why didn't Eve check Alistair's machines when she couldn't help him?  One of the computers was off so why didn't she check it out?

Continuity Error:  Throughout Chris and Sheridan's scenes
Chris's bruises were practically gone.


Continuity Error:  First 5 Minutes
Eve and Liz were in different positions from where they were standing in Tuesday's episode.

Nitpick:  9 Minutes
How come Tabitha can keep conjuring up babysitters when she shouldn't have her powers?

Nitpick:  15 Minutes
How come no one saw Tabitha pop up at the SeaScape?  She popped up in the middle of the room.

Nitpick:  19 Minutes
How come Chris wasn't in any pain anymore?  He was hurting before, but he was able to kneel down again.

Factual error:  46 Minutes
Otto kept touching the bottom of the dvd that he was watching.  You are not supposed to touch the bottom part of dvds.


Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
When did Fancy get a gown?  She was dressed and in emergency.

Continuity Error:  First Minute
Fancy's bruises were different again.

Nitpick:  14 Minutes
Why would Julian cover for Liz instead of telling Sam that she was in Alistair's room?

Nitpick:  18 Minutes
How come Gwen heard about Fancy's accident, but Ethan and Fox didn't hear about it?

Nitpick:  31 Minutes
How come Fancy had nail polish on in the hospital?

Nitpick:  32 Minutes
How did Ethan manage to drive in front of Theresa when he was behind her?


Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
How come Fancy managed to get her hair styled?

Nitpick:  Throughout Tabitha's scenes
Why didn't Tabitha use her bowl to spy on the people in Harmony?

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Why did Liz wait so long to kill Alistair since he was the one who raped her?

Factual error:  22 Minutes
Maya was using her cell phone while she was at the hospital.  You're not supposed to use cell phones in the hospital.

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Why would Julian want to keep Liz's secret when she tried to kill him?

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