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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

1/30/06 - 2/3/06


Nitpick:  2 Minutes
If Theresa read about Hannah, how come she didn't know who she was?

Nitpick:  4 Minutes
If Fancy hates lies, how come she lied to Alistair about her feelings for Noah?

Plot hole:  10 Minutes
If the Cranes are the most famous family in the world, how come Hannah didn't know who Theresa, Alistair, and Julian were?

Nitpick:  15 Minutes
How did Ivy and Valerie manage to beat Fox to Crane Industries when they stopped to talk about their plan?

Continuity Error:  Throughout Theresa and Hannah's scenes
Their sweat kept appearing and disappearing within their scenes.


Nitpick:  First 5 Minutes
How did Theresa know that Ethan and Gwen were going to leave Harmony when they did?

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
How come Ethan and Gwen were going to leave Harmony without telling the families goodbye.

Editing Error:  Throughout Ethan/Theresa/Gwen's scenes
Theresa's clothes were different from how they were before.  She was wearing pants before, but she ended up wearing a skirt.

Plot hole:  15 Minutes
Since Fox thought that Kay didn't want to go away with him, why would he ask someone to light candles for their room?  What if she didn't change her mind?


Plot hole:  Throughout the episode
Since Tabitha is supposed to be evil, why does she want Kay and Fox together?

Editing:  5 Minutes
Fox looked like he had something black on while he was in the tub with Kay.

Continuity Error:  5 Minutes
Otto was standing in this episode when he was sitting in Tuesday's episode.

Nitpick:  10 Minutes
Maya didn't have a wound on her head, but she had blood on it.

Nitpick:  40 Minutes
How come Alistair stopped talking on the DVD when his lawyer didn't stop playing it?


Continuity Error:  First Minute
The bruises on Maya's face were different.

Continuity Error:  Throughout the Episode
Theresa's hair was curlier than it was in the other episodes that aired this week.

Nitpick:  20 Minutes
How come the boxes at the Book Cafe were so clean when they were hidden?  You would think they would have been dusty.

Plot hole:  32 Minutes
Are we really supposed to believe that Ethan only has one credit card from Crane Industries?  If that's true, what did he do when he was fired?

Nitpick:  54 Minutes
How did Ethan and Gwen know that Sheridan was in Hawaii?


 Nitpick:  First 2 Minutes
Why wouldn't Theresa want to help Pilar with her renewal services?

Editing:  14 Minutes
Rebecca didn't have any juice on her face from when Theresa put the grapefruit in her face.

Nitpick:  15 Minutes
How did Rebecca know that Gwen and Ethan were going to India when they didn't tell anyone?

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