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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

1/16/06 – 1/20/06


Nitpick:  Throughout The Episode
If Endora turned back time, how come everything at the mansion was still the same?

Nitpick:  Nine Minutes
What happened to Tabitha's success spell on fox if money isn't important to her?

Nitpick:  First 15 Minutes
Why didn't Alistair name the person who tried to kill him before he passed out again?

Nitpick:  20 Minutes
If Fancy didn't trust Eve to be alone at the hospital with Alistair, why did she expect her to save him?

Continuity:  21 Minutes
Gwen's arms crossed and uncrossed within the same scene.

Nitpick:  24 Minutes
Why didn't Fancy and Noah have coats on when they were ice skating?

Continuity:  Throughout The Episode
Maria had boots on and off her feet throughout the episode.


Editing Error:  Throughout The Episode
When Noah and Fancy were ice skating, you could clearly tell that the snow was fake.

Nitpick:  First 10 Minutes
When did Valerie become Fox's assistant?

Nitpick:  19 Minutes
Why didn't Eve just tell everyone that Alistair had a stroke instead of making them think he was dead?

Microphone Visible:  25 Minutes
The shadow of the microphone was visible on Julian and Gwen's faces.


Continuity Error:  Three Minutes
It was nighttime when it was daytime on Tuesday's episode.

Nitpick:  First Five Minutes
Why does everyone always barge in Tabitha's house?

Nitpick:  Throughout The Episode
Why is Sheridan suddenly concerned with finding Marty now when she didn't care before?

Nitpick:  Throughout Sheridan's Scenes
Why would Rachel help Sheridan when Sheridan didn't care about her ordeal? She only cared about finding Marty.

Nitpick:  Throughout The Last Half Hour Of The Episode
Why would Rachel encourage Katherine to steal a married man?

Factual Error:  39 Minutes
When Julian put Alistair's password in the computer, you could see the words "treasure island" spelled out.  Anyone who uses a password knows that you wouldn't be able to see the words.  It would most likely look like asterisks.


Nitpick:  Throughout The Episode
Where did Kay get the money for her dress?

Nitpick:  Throughout The Episode
Why would Fox have the engagement ring in his hand instead of in the ring box?

Nitpick:  Throughout The Episode
What nerve did Katherine have practically forcing Pilar to give up Martin?

Nitpick:  Within 30 Minutes
How did Noah know that Liz was at the Blue Note?

Nitpick:  Throughout The Episode
What kind of self-control did Pilar have not to punch Katherine out?


Nitpick: first 5 minutes
Why would Kay go to Tabitha’s house to avoid Fox? 

Nitpick: first 10 minutes
Why was Ethan acting as if it wasn’t his idea to leave Harmony?

Nitpick: 10 minutes
Why was Fancy insecure of Noah’s feelings for her when he tells he all of the time that he loves her?

Nitpick: throughout the episode
Why would Noah keep a letter from an old girlfriend?

Nitpick: throughout the last half hour
What nerve did Theresa have expecting Gwen to just walk away from Ethan?

Michele and Cheryl

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