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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

1/9/06 – 1/13/06

Continuity:  First Five Minutes
When the guy in black was shown in Alistair’s library last Friday, he didn’t destroy the library, but in this episode, he did.

Editing Error:  12 Minutes
When Theresa and Gwen were fighting, you could clearly see Gwen’s stunt double’s wig.

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
If Fancy loved Alistair so much, why was she with Noah instead of Alistair?

Nitpick:  20 Minutes
How could Julian have been a teenager when Sheridan was a little girl when he’s at least 20 years older?

Continuity Error:  30 Minutes
How come the people in the attic didn’t hear Theresa and Gwen’s entire fight?  Why did they only hear part of it?

 Nitpick:  49 Minutes
Why did Theresa act as if Gwen put the proof of Ethan’s paternity on her computer?  Fact check, Theresa.  You put it on your computer, not Gwen.


Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Sheridan’s hair was styled differently.

Nitpick:  First 10 Minutes
Who did Theresa think she was barging into Ethan and Gwen’s room?

Continuity Error:  13 Minutes
Ethan asked Gwen if Alistair threatened her “tonight”, but everyone else made it seem as if it was morning.

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Why does Rachel have a southern accent?

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Where did the majority of the suspects get their clothes when they don’t live in the mansion?

Nitpick:  46 Minutes
Why didn’t Spike wipe the blood off of his mouth?


Nitpick:  Three Minutes
What nerve did Fancy have getting smart with Eve as if Eve wasn’t the one who tried to save Alistair?

Continuity Error:  Seven Minutes
Tabitha’s skis didn’t have snow on them.

Nitpick:  About 30 Minutes
How did Theresa hear Julian and Ethan talking when they were talking low?

Nitpick:  45 Minutes
Why did Sheridan have on high heels in the snow?


Slip up:  One Minute
When Tabitha was talking to Fox she called him Kay.

Continuity:  Throughout the Episode
The blood on Alistair’s shirt was different.

Nitpick:  First 10 Minutes
How many doors were to the nursery if Theresa and Rebecca were both able to listen to Ethan and Gwen without being next to each other.

Visible crew members:  25 Minutes
Rebecca and Theresa’s stunt doubles were obvious when they were fighting each other.

Nitpick:  40 Minutes
Why did Fox blame Ivy for why Grace left her children when Grace did that herself?


Continuity:  First Five Minutes
Sam was not standing on the same side he was on yesterday when he told Alistair to name the person who tried to kill him.

Nitpick:  11 Minutes
Why was Kay acting as if her part in Ivy's plan to break up Grace and Sam wasn't as bad as it was.

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Why would Sheridan take a bath with Chris when Luis's picture was in the bathroom?

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Why wasn't Rachel arrested for attempted murder?

Nitpick:  25 Minutes
How did Rachel know to find Sheridan at the B & B?

Stunt Double Visible:  41 Minutes
When Theresa climbed on top of Alistair, you could tell that it wasn't her in the scene

Michele and Cheryl

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