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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

6/12/06 - 6/16/06


Theresa should have realized who JT was talking to on the phone.  The only people who would have cared about what was going on with her would have been Gwen and Rebecca. It shouldn't have taken much for her to put two and two together and realize that he was talking to Gwen and Rebecca on the phone.

Noah shouldn't have turned his back on Spike when he had his hands tied.  It's no wonder he was able to get away from Noah. 

Kay shouldn't have been surprised that Fox was wondering about her motives to keep Siren and Miguel apart. It's obvious that she cares more than she's willing to admit.

Was it really smart for Luis to scream out Beth's name when he saw her going into the cab?  He might have been able to catch her if he didn't yell out to her.


Kay/Fox/Miguel/Siren's scenes looked foggier than the other scenes during the episode.

The lights that were coming out from under the door (from the chalice) came out differently from how they came out on Monday's episode.

Cliché Alert
The cab burned the instant it ran into the wall.  That usually happens on TV and in movies.

Does Jessica always have to scream whenever she's in danger?

There was no way for Siren to know that Kay tricked Miguel into having sex with her.  It's not likely that Tabitha would have told her about what Kay did.


Sam and Ivy are taking a long time to get married.  What's the holdup?

Cliché Alert
Lena chose to waste time talking to Noah about killing him instead of just doing it.

Jessica passed out when Spike slapped her.  The slap must have been harder than it looked for her to pass out so easily.

Miguel noticed that Siren's breath tasted like fish when she ate the "candy", but he didn't notice it before.

Spike had the gun in his hand one minute and it was gone the next.  He was just holding his gun and then when Jessica went to grab for it, it was in the holster.


Ethan and Theresa clothes weren't dirty when they fell on the ground, but JT's clothes were dirty and he never fell on the ground.

Sam should have arrested Siren if he wanted Miguel's arrest to look legitimate.  It's no wonder Siren suspected that Kay was behind what happened to Miguel.

Fancy expected Luis to lie to Sheridan, but she didn't like it when Noah lied to her.

Plot Hole
Alistair knew too much about Paloma and Simone's actions at the Book Cafe.  How did he know that they would have looked at his files?  How would he have gotten them to Rome if they didn't look in the files? We know that he knows everything, but he would have to be psychic to know that they were going to do that.

Since Sheridan and Luis have a connection, she should have realized that something was wrong when she was talking to him on the phone.

Stunt Double
When Alistair picked Chad up and threw him to the floor, you could tell a stunt double was used.

Siren knew how to find the Harmony Police Department.  When Endora conjured her up, she seemed clueless about everything.  Now she seems like she knows a lot of things.


Since there was a storm in Rome, Gwen shouldn't have been able to get there so easily.

Factual Error
Gwen arrived in Rome too fast considering it's still the same night that she was talking to JT on the phone.  Theresa and Ethan were still wearing the same clothes.

You would never know that Ethan was hit in the head.  He didn't seem to have any injuries after he was hit.

Since Fancy has barely mentioned Alistair, it's hard to believe that she was thinking about him the way she claimed.

JT's clothes were different when he saw Alistair.  When did he have time to change his clothes?

 Michele and Cheryl

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