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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs Ms. S. E. "Gargy's" Hammond  found this week on Passions:

8/29/05 9/2/05

When Rae have time to light the candles? In Wednesday's episode they were brand-new and have never been used before. But, in Friday's episode they are all lit.

Wait, the last time I checked when someone loved another, they wanted to have relationship with them. Not play it fast-and-loose.

Whoa! Rae a thousand women, lady I've only had one and she's more then enough for me (Gargy says with a huge smile on her face)!

Um, if Kay has supernatural powers, why doesn't she use them to save herself, Theresa from being raped, Jessica from going with Spike, and split herself in two-so she could spend time with Fox and Maria while talking privately with Simone!?

Damn, when are Fancy and Noah going to catch a break!

Yo! Ethan stop talking and start beating Al's face in.

Gwen is now forever unredeemable in my eyes-if, I have to explain why; then I've got to ask you, where have you been. My little, technophobe friend?

Mint chocolate chip ice cream, Simone, outweighs watching your sugar intake. Unless, you are
diabetic.......and then, well, you poor bastard.

Endora you might want to consider will you direct your little magic beams at. Had Fox known he'd freak, because you placed that $20 really close to his family jewels.

Um, when I came out to my mother's response was "Gay or not, you still have to get a job!" (You have to know the story and it's too long to tell here) So, Eve, just because Simone is a lesbian does NOT excuse her from conning both you and your ex-husband, TC, out of $2 Gs.

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