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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs Ms. S. E. "Gargy's" Hammond  found this week on Passions:

8/22/05 8/26/05

Prestine is far to small to eat anything but one hot dog, there's no possible way she could've eaten two hot dogs and two hamburgers in one sitting. I don't know who they were dressing to match one way or another, but I can tell you that Fancy's dog-Prestine is much better looking in that outfit she and Fancy were in.

Um, why is Noah dressed like it's below 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the middle of November, yet Fancy is dressed appropriately for the time of year it is.

How many happy face stickers does it take for Jess to get her buzz on? Because, it's like eating a candy necklace, but you'd get high faster eating those. And, I am not talking about those that X thrown in.

What the *BLEEP* is that stupid hat they tried to make Simone wear?

Why couldn't the pony wrangler watch Maria, or take the picture, while Kay spoke with Simone?

If, the park is still a mess wouldn't the docks?

Why the heck does "...what is she made of Teflon!?" (a very funny line) Liz get to hang-out and get stinkin' drunk on the Russell's wine in their house. Why would she want to stick around? Didn't TC dump her?

Who taught Spike how to dress? The shirt is awesome, but those red leather pants in the middle of August at the hottest part of the day-he'll never get them off ever again.

Damnable off-screen conversations! Damn you JERk Boy by now EVERYONE and their dogs know that Simone is a lesbian, so why are you torturing us with NOT allowing us to hear Simone say "Mom, I am gay!" and besides, it still doesn't explain the $2 Gs that Simone conned from her folks and spent on...what?

I wonder if they had casted Jossira Jinaro (Rae) by the time they filmed the "flashback"-which btw marks a first...a flashback that we've have not seen played out on the screen during "real time"!?

Oh, Simone was a virgin all the way until she was 22 years old-amazing.

Please, explain to me the reasoning of loving your baby boy so much you leave him to join a covenant. And what's the obsession with the word "cloistered"!?

And, to just point something out about the entire fan-base rather than what actually happened on the show. What is up with the nay-sayers? Is everything half-empty with you all or what!?

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