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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs Ms. S. E. "Gargy's" Hammond  found this week on Passions:

8/8/05 8/12/05

Simone is attacked, smacked around, strangled, and knocked unconscious. So, why is it that she only has a single gash (that is easily hidden with a sun hat) on her left forehead just above her eyebrow and just under her hair line?

What in samhill is Fancy wearing? A gold top and an orange blouse over it. The only better color combination is Noah's pink polo shirt with his khaki cargo pants.

Speaking of Noah's shirt-what is up with him taken it off just to ax his way through a wall? Oh, yeah! Hunk + ratings = topless man. Thank goodness we don't have to see Alistair topless.

Um, why is Pillar and Martin more interested in Sheridan's struggles with the cops and not killing Alistair for having his nasty paws all over Theresa?

Some best-friend Gwen is. She's more interested in the looks that Theresa is giving her, rather than helping her best-friend Sheridan with the cops.

Why can Whitney resist Chad and the cold-calm light of day but not at night during a tsunami?

Peek-a-boo babies, need I say more.

Wet hair + Air Conditioned working environments = Inner-Ear Infection

Boy, how fast does Child Protection Services work, faster then it takes for Sheridan's hair to air dry itself.

Geez, how many commercials are there and must we endure them every 5 minutes?

Noah's "carpentry" skills are a serious safety hazard. He didn't even check for a barren wall and did anyone else notice that electric wire? Sure, the power lines were down but still, it's better to err on the side of caution then to get fried because the power came on while in the midst of the last and deadly swing.

Oh gee whiz, Noah and Fancy are so shallow and living like there's no tomorrow; I must admit I did like Fancy's "barf-mart" and the way she said it. However, come on guys just take what you need-it's bad enough to steal food, water (in this case champagne & wine), and perhaps clothes. But, hair and make-up. So, much for morality........especially, the Bennett was Noah after all the suggested the hair and make-up.

Damn, Sheridan so damn stubborn. Don't you love Mark more then your promise to Maureen? And isn't a part of loving Mark is doing what's good for him? So, how is forcing CPS to pry Mark from your arms and forcing them to write you off as an un-fit guardian going to help you get him back!?

The exit light is off, but a main light behind Noah is on in the department store's locker room.

BTW: How many department stores do you know of that have showers?

What was that camera angle? Not straight but not really anything either. LMAO!

Fox, Fox, Fox, please button up your shirt. As there is not one single reason for not to be.

When did Simone have time to go home and change? Wasn't she more concerned with letting Kay and Sam know that Jessica was alive and well, despite being with Spike-yet again.

Whitney, Father Lonigan is blind. Why are you trying to make eye contact with him while speaking with him?

Whoa! Wait just one second, in the flashback Whitney you are wearing some of Chad's clothes that he gave you to change into BEFORE the tsunami hit but you woke up with your own fresh clothes...where did they come from and more importantly when?

Who is Noah talking to? And just how long are they planning on staying? He grabbed 4 towels, just to abandon them disheveled upon the floor and one in the cubbie hole from which it originally came from.

Mr. French, I understand you can see through those albino contacts of yours...but, your character is blind...what is up with the eye contact with Whitney?

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