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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions

12/12/05 - 12/16/05


Nitpick:  Five Minutes
How did the lady in white get all the way to the Crane cabin when she was in Harmony?

Nitpick:  Five Minutes
How did the lady in white know to find Theresa and company at the cabin?

Nitpick:  15 Minutes
Why did Theresa expect Fancy not to sell her out when she knows how much Fancy hates her?

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
 How come the lady in white was able to hear in the cabin, but they can't hear her?


Nitpick:  First Minute
Why does Sheridan even have Luis and Marty's picture when she practically moved on with Chris and James?

Nitpick:  18 Minutes
Why did Fox have to explain himself to the woman at the Book Cafe?

Nitpick:  First 30 Minutes
What happened to Paloma working at the Book Cafe?

Continuity Error:  31 Minutes
When Kay went to Fox's office, she closed the door, but when Fox came back to the office, the door was open.

Continuity:  32 Minutes
Fancy's tear appeared and disappeared within the same scene.


Nitpick:  First Five Minutes
Why does Tabitha always carry Endora if she can walk? 

Nitpick:  Eight Minutes
Where was Maria when Tabitha took Endora tot he park?

Nitpick:  13 Minutes
When did Fancy get her change of clothes when she didn't bring anything with her?

Nitpick:  17 Minutes
How did Simone get pepper spray in Spike's eyes when he closed them when she sprayed it?

Editing Error:  19 Minutes
When Endora went flying into Santa's lap, you could clearly see that she was a doll.

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Why wasn't Simone wearing a coat if it was cold?

Nitpick:  34 Minutes
How did the lady in white get in Fancy's trunk to slash Fancy's spare tire?


Continuity Error:  Three Minutes
Theresa was shown on the floor in the closet, but the next time she was shown, she was standing.

Nitpick:  10 Minutes
Why would TC take a stranger's word over his own daughter?

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Why was James's coat wide open when it was cold?


Nitpick:  Five Minutes
How come there's a light on in the closet that Theresa was hiding in?  If not, how else did she see the cop turning the knob?

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Why was Sheridan's whole head wet when her entire head didn't go in the water?

Nitpick:  First 15 Minutes
Why was Noah constantly asking Fancy why she didn't see him and Theresa out to the police?  He should have been grateful that she didn't say anything.

Nitpick:  30 Minutes
When is Tabitha going to throw Kay out of her house?  Obviously, Kay is going to threaten to expose her whenever she doesn't get her way so Tabitha needs to kick her out.


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